Our Team

BJP has more than 15 years of industry experience

Our Team

BJP has more than 15 years of industry experience

We employ experienced and highly-qualified staff who can provide expertise at every stage of the manufacture, from concept and innovative ideas to new product development and technical expertise. Our focus is on providing high-quality products with exceptional customer service.


Our full-time team of 160 staff work across our five locations in the Gold Coast region, and we work with approximately 1,500 partners including supply chain partners and customers.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of:

  • Executive Director – Overall company leadership and strategy
  • General Manager – Daily company management
  • Operations Manager – Daily operational management
  • Production Manager – Production-related management
  • Quality Manager – Quality-related management
  • Supply Chain Manager – All supply chain aspects
  • Business Development Manager – New idea realisation
  • Sales Manager – Account and project management
  • Laboratory Manager – Overall lab testing/managment
  • Financial Controller – Financial control
  • R&D Manager – Research and development of product and machine compatibility and new idea generation

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How The Process Works

1. Submit Your Quote: Fill out the below project form. 2. We’ll Have a Chat: We’ll discuss the details of your project.

3. BJP Laboratories will generate a custom quote and contact you to discuss the next step.

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