BJP Laboratories delivers a winning formula in manufacturing solutions and services

BJP Laboratories Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer of probiotic products, listed medicines, food and dietary supplements.

Our TGA, APVMA, FDA-certified facility is fully equipped to handle all types of formulations, with capability to manufacture in dosages of hard capsules, tablets, powders, liquids including liposomes in a variety of packaging options, formats and pack sizes.

We have earned an enviable reputation by offering turn-key and client-focused solutions, manufacturing products for start-up companies to major brands, for domestic and international supermarkets, pharmacies, and clinics.

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, our world-class production facilities span over 10,000m2, offering manufacturing, testing and storage across three sites.

BJP’s team of professional staff understands the complexities, challenges and unique requirements of the industry. They specialise in providing technical expertise and innovation at every step of the process, enabling clients to bring their products to market faster, while consistently meeting all current quality, health and safety standards.

Our Most Popular Custom Manufacturing Services


With vegetable cellulose and gelatine options available in any desired colour and functional/modified release options available.


With a variety of small batch machines enable BJP Labs to offer to all market sizes from small runs to the high volume runs.


Operating under low humidity conditions, BJP offers all types of powdered products from Probiotic formulations, complex herbal, vitamin formulations through to formulated sports products.


Advanced liquid manufacturing technology is available at BJP laboratories which include Bio-Fermented whole living products to liposomal technology in all sizes.


With unlimited access to a large variety of strains from clinical studied strains through to your branded and generic strains.


We can service all solutions from therapeutic, dairy, food and through to the agriculture sectors

Analytical Services

Offering a variety of analytical services to assist product quality control spanning a variety of scientific disciplines.

Chemistry Services

Professional chemical services using state-of-the art equipment to detect and quantify high and trace levels of a variety of chemicals in raw materials and finished products.

Microbiology Services

Specialist professional services in microbiological quality assurance including contamination control, probiotic enumeration and identification.

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How The Process Works

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